All our ion exchange resins are of the highest quality nuclear grade and are regenerated in our own Baltimore Plant. We are the only company in Maryland with a regeneration plant solely dedicated to regenerate PURE WATER RESIN!

Our unique regeneration process distinguishes us from our competition and provides the highest level of quality assurance for every tank that leaves our facility.

The Neu-Ion Service Exchange Demineralizers

  • 10-100 GPM Portable Industrial
    30.0 cubic foot Jumbo
  • 20-70 GPM Portable Industrial
    18.0 cubic foot Jumbo
  • 5-70 GPM Portable Sanitary
    8.0 cubic foot Sanitary
  • High Capacity Portable
    2.2 and 3.6 cubic foot
  • Standard Capacity Portable
    1.2 cubic foot
  • Laboratory Portable
    .25 and .45 cubic foot


**Custom sizes upon request

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