There are four common ways ultraviolet technology can be used effectively within pure water systems.

  • Disinfection– the most common application of UV in water treatment is the ability to microbiologically kill bacteria using a 254nm wavelength.
  • TOC Reduction– the USP regulations require an upper limit of 500ppb for TOC for both Purified Water and WFI. Using a powerful 185nm wavelength appropriately sized and designed to meet this application, TOC reduction can be accomplished.
  • Ozone Destruction– ozone is commonly used in the pretreatment area of a water system, as well as for sanitizing process and re-circulating systems.
  • Chlorine/ChloraminesDestruction – while the addition of chlorine and chloramines to city water may control bacteria levels, they have undesirable effects on the degradation of membrane filtration or RO. UV technology can be used for chlorine and chloramines destruction utilizing UV light in the pre-membrane filtration or RO make-up water stream.

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