Common applications for Domestic water filtration:

Feedwater source has:

  • High NTU’s (turbidity), high TSS (total suspended solids)
  • Contaminants within an old piping system that require treatment for final product use.
  • Chlorine—and the application requires Reverse Osmosis technology using thin film composite membranes.
  • Failed EPA water quality standards for drinking water
  • Potential bacteria or viruses
  • High levels of iron creating piping corrosion

Neu-Ion offers several types of water filtration solutions that will meet your filtration needs.

  • Cartridge Filtration (low & high flow applications)
  • Multi-media Filtration
  • Carbon Filtration:
  • Lead Filtration Systems
  • Iron Removal Systems
  • Ultrafiltration

Reach out to us now to see which of these methods may be the right fit for your application/project.

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