Water testing provides acknowledgement and documentation that your purified water system is meeting the water quality standard to which it was designed.

Common tests:

  • Total Organic Carbon (USP Water Quality standards)
  • Microbiological Content (Colony Forming Units)
  • Endotoxin (LAL)
  • Conductivity/Resistivity (u/cm, megohm/cm)
  • Silica
  • pH
  • AAMI (Dialysis industry)
  • Total coliform

Hardness, chlorine, Iron, pH, resistivity and conductivity testing can be performed on your water system with immediate results by Neu-Ion using calibrated kits & meters.

Upon request, Neu-Ion will obtain and send out water samples for analysis to a certified laboratory.

A Neu-Ion sales provider can help determine what certified water testing may be required for your SOP’s, FDA documentation and/or general knowledge for your system’s baseline performance.

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