Neu-Ion offers two different point of use pure water systems designed to polish a municipal or pretreated water source that will meet an end user’s final water quality requirements.

EACH style provides a variety of configurations.

  • Cabinet style Ultrapure water system
    • Compact Design
    • Can be wall mounted or used with a remote dispense option.
    • Quick changing cartridges, which can be done by the end-user.
    • Touch screen microprocessor operation & controls.
    • Best used with a Pre-treated water supply (RO or very low TDS feed source.)
  • Portable Exchange Deionization System
    • Flexibility for system installation (shelving unit above sink, beneath sink, on a counter, on the floor…)
    • Great option to purify municipal feed source for lower volume users or higher volume users that do not warrant a Reverse Osmosis machine.
    • Less capital cost up front; less cost per liter of DI water.
    • Maintained by Neu-Ion (no maintenance necessary by the end-user.)

In a 30 minute site check or short phone/email conversation, our sales team will determine which system will best meet your final water quality needs, usage, logistics, and budget.

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