Explore the Neu-Ion water system models

206773403_MNeu-Ion’s unparalleled expertise in water standards has enabled us to serve a diverse clientele across various industries, including biotechnology, pharmaceutical, education, healthcare, data centers, and industrial. Our century-long experience in water purification has led us to develop four distinct models, each tailored to meet the unique needs of these industries. Further, we can customize these models to perfectly align with your organization’s specific requirements. This ensures that Neu-Ion can provide you with the perfect solution, every time.

The PURE-ION Base Model. Starting from the source of the cold water feed, the base model initiates the water filtration process, ensuring that the water is free from any impurities. This process includes the removal of sediment and chlorine, resulting in the creation of ion-free, deionized water. To guarantee the purity of the water, a water quality indicator light is enabled, which indicates that the water is entirely safe to use. Additionally, the model comes with multiple dispensing options, making it convenient for your organization’s use.

The PURE-ION Plus Model. The upgraded version of the water filtration system is the Plus model. Although it employs the same water filtration process as the base model, the Plus model comes with an additional feature that sets it apart – a recirculation pump. This pump is strategically placed right before the two Mixed Bed DI Tanks that are positioned in front of the faucet. The recirculation pump enables the water to be filtered once more through the beds before entering the faucet and being safe for use. This ensures that any impurities that might have been missed during the initial filtration process are removed, making the water even cleaner and safer.

The PURE-ION Ultra Model. The higher-tier model in question comes equipped with an array of additional features that build upon the already impressive capabilities of its base and plus model counterparts. As with the previous models, the cold water from the feed source undergoes thorough filtration and passes through the recirculation pump. However, the ultra model goes above and beyond to ensure that the water is as pure and clean as possible for usage within your organization.

On the ultra model, the recirculation pump is situated before the Mixed Bed DI Tanks, just as before. However, there are two new components that are set before the faucet: the ultraviolet lamp and the submicron final filter. The ultraviolet lamp operates using a wavelength of 254nm, which is effective in killing bacteria, reducing TOC, destroying chlorine and chloramines, and eliminating ozone. Meanwhile, the submicron final filter is responsible for catching any remaining bacteria that might be present before the water exits the faucet. Moreover, thanks to the recirculation pump, the water will undergo the ultraviolet lamp and submicron final filter constantly, ensuring that the water is as clean and pure as possible.

The PURE-ION Max Model. The final model offered at Neu-Ion is the max model, which shares all of the same features as the previous three models, with one major feature setting it apart. The max model has a resistivity monitor that is located right before the faucet. A resistivity monitor is often used in laboratory water purification systems and is used to monitor the purity level of the water. Resistivity or conductivity of water is a measure of the ability of the water to resist or conduct an electric current. The ability of water to resist or conduct an electric current is directly related to the amount of ionic material (salts) dissolved in the water. Pure water has a specific resistance of 18.2 million ohms at 25°C. The water’s temperature affects its conductivity, which the monitor tracks. By using the monitor, users can be sure they have clean and pure water for their needs.

To ensure your industry is upholding necessary water standards and regulations, it’s crucial to select the appropriate model and tailor it to your specific needs. Our Neu-Ion representative can help determine the best model for your business to thrive. Contact us today for expert assistance!